Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Early Spring at Ambar Hill

It is early spring at Ambar Hill.  The vineyard still looks dormant.  But the wild peaches are in full flower, and behold in the vines the magic of another vintage has started: the first shoots on the verdelho have appeared.

The wild peaches are blossoming.

The first shoots for the verdelho.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spring is sprung at Ambar Hill

The first plum is in flower and the Granite Belt will be blossom full over the next few weeks.  Spring is a magical time to visit the Granite Belt, with all the orchards in blossom as well as the  areas famous wild flowers.  The days are sunny but the nights are still cold enough for a log fire.

Book Ambar Cottage in the heart of the wine growing district to enjoy a classical spring.  Sunny days, some frosts in the morning, fruit trees in flower and some great wines.

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